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Plug Valves/Flow-Iron

Plug Valves

A plug valve is installed in order to directly send flow to a designated place.


Various lengths of flow line are necessary for the transporting of hydro carbons and other fluids. Flow lines are usually connected at the wellhead and continue through to the choke manifold and continues the journey to a tank or possibly a flare stack.

3 1/16” 15k psi Flanged Piping
The flanged piping features a 15000-psi working pressure and is NACE certified for sour service applications.  It has an internal diameter of 3.0625” and utilizes stainless steel seals between the joint connections.

This piping is designed for high pressure upstream applications. It is less impervious to damage at the seals due to high heat or corrosive fluids. The flanged ends offer further safety as they are much less likely fail during extreme applications.

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