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Eastern Energy Services, Inc. was established with you, our customer, in mind.  In 1993 a group of energetic individuals with fishing & rental tool backgrounds, came together to form what is known today as Eastern. The purpose was simple: to provide our customers with reliable, dependable, fishing & rental tool services at a competitive price.


The primary success of Eastern is in our personnel and their personal work ethics. We have highly trained, experienced personnel to accommodate all Eastern services. Since the beginning, Eastern has maintained our integrity and personnel while servicing our respective areas in the oil & gas industry. Any and all our employees are available 24 hours a day and will be more than eager to help you in your fishing and rental needs.


Eastern was purchased and came under a new management team in 2003. Along with the purchase of Eastern, additional experienced personnel was added to our roster. It was during this time that Eastern acquired two additional fishing & rental competitors. As Eastern continued to grow, our company took on additional services as we ventured into the flow-back and pressure control service markets. With the add services of flow-back and well testing the industry recognized and advantage to both safety and economics by requiring more single company’ continuous services on location. Eastern adapted and acquired Wireline Pressure Control, Coil Tubing, Acid and Nitrogen Services. Along with the additional Coil, Acid and Nitrogen Services Eastern expanded again by making a commitment to the East Texas, North Louisiana markets by establishing two new districts with plans for a third Super District by the end of the year 2020. From these central locations, Eastern continues to serve its loyal customers in the Northern and Southern areas of the United States.

Eastern continues to be a leader in our industry today and we appreciate all past and future business between our company and yours. For those who may be looking for a service provider, like Eastern, we welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy to you.  

If you would like additional information about Eastern and our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to our continued relationships and we hope for each of you a bright and productive future.

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