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EASTERN Energy Services, Inc (EES) is a diversified petroleum and natural gas service provider offering complimentary services for the full life cycle of a well and other related industry needs through a combination of the following divisions:

Eastern Energy Services_E-01.png

Coiled Tubing Services • Nitrogen Services

Acidizing Services • Fluid Pumping Services


Flowback Services • Well Testing Services • Torque & Test Services

Wireline Pressure Control Services • Crane Services

Rentals (BOPs / Hydraulic Laydown Units / Forklifts / Light Plants)


Fishing Services • Thru Tubing Services • JAR Services

EASTERN Energy Services, Inc is defined by the continued growth and development of our portfolio of divisions.  EES’s management team is exemplary in their ability to provide customers with a creative set of solutions based on industry leading experience.  With our facilities strategically located in key market locations, we can create customer value through seamless, safe, efficient and economical operational deployment to respond to the demand for innovative solutions.


Formerly Eastern Fishing & Rental Tool Co., Inc., the company was established in 1993 upon a foundation of safety first, experienced personnel, reliable service, and quality equipment. Maintaining those same principles, the company has since expanded its product offerings above Fishing Services to include Flow-Back, Well Testing, Wireline Pressure Control, Torque and Testing, Coiled Tubing, Acidizing and Nitrogen Services. 


In early 2020, the company, in conjunction with this expansion, rebranded the image of the organization and officially became Eastern Energy Services, Inc. Our commitment to our customers, community, employees, partners and ourselves remains strong through our motto Safety Focused, Solution Driven.

Eastern has provided a dependable steadfast service to our industry for over 25 years. Eastern has learned that keeping our customer and his or her job first is of upmost importance. We believe giving prompt, hands-on attention to your job helps eliminate unforeseen problems. This allows Eastern to provide the services you expect from a leader in the industry.

Laurel, MS  •  Cottondale, AL  •  Longview, TX  •  Dallas, TX  •  Houston, TX  

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