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Eastern has available in our Laurel, Mississippi District the cutting edge in tubing and casing handling. The "Hawker" pipe handler has the capabilities and is designed to handle tubulars and casings in lengths as short as 19' and even greater lengths of 47' respectively. These casing and tubulars range from as small as 2" outside diameter to as great as 20" outside diameter. It is extremely helpfuI when laying down and picking up tubing strings affiliated with work-over units.


The "Hawker" is a safety oriented, reliable and efficient piece of machinery. In our industry today; safety, performance, and service make for monies saved, to you our valued customer. The "Hawker" is designed and engineered for quick preventative maintenance. It is trailer mounted and light enough to be set up and rigged down with very little effort.


In the oil & gas industry of today, the "Hawker" should be a consideration, or better yet, a must in your company's daily operation. 


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