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Coiled Tubing Services

EASTERN has continued to expand its coiled tubing services by acquiring three 2-3/8” coiled tubing units to be deployed into the Ark-La-Tex geographical area, specifically focused on the Haynesville Shale natural gas play. These units will complete EASTERN’s vision of one company providing all services including flowback packages, wireline pressure control equipment, and coiled tubing post-frac plug drill outs. This full-service offering will reduce HS&E exposure by fewer personnel on location while improving operational coordination and efficiencies. 

EASTERN Energy Services has a full fleet of coiled tubing units with a variety of pipe sizes to handle all  of your well service needs, including:


  • Horizontal Drill-Outs

  • Fluid Pumping

  • Nitrogen Services

  • Fishing & Milling

  • Washouts

  • Fill cleanouts

  • Plug drill outs

  • Scale & paraffin removal

  • Acid stimulations

  • Nitrogen jetting

  • Cementing

  • Fishing

  • Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP)

  • Memory-tool logging

  • Sand-jet perforating

  • Sand-cutting tubulars

  • Sliding-sleeve operation

  • Pipeline cleanouts

  • Velocity-string installations/retrievals

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